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May 27

SEMINAR - May 27, 2024

Debate session “What to expect from the European elections?”

In this session, Xavier Prats-Monné, Anna Buj, Péter Krekó, Xosé M. Núñez Seixas, Pol Morillas and Cèlia Cernadas discuss the challenges posed by the upcoming European elections and reflect on the impact of the results on the European project.


Recent Events

SEMINAR - May 10, 2024

International Seminar on Governmental Foresight

The aim of this seminar, organised by CETC and CIDOB, is to reflect upon the conditions, requirements, and challenges of incorporating strategic foresight into political decision-making and the orientation and definition of public policies. Attending the seminar will be policy makers and technical experts from various European countries, who will offer guidance regarding the structural, procedural, and cultural needs for establishing and consolidating strategic foresight in the public sector.

SEMINAR - Apr 19, 2024

Foreign Policy Dialogues “Israel-Gaza War: Future of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Perspectives on Negotiations”

Amid ongoing conflict in Gaza and escalating violence in response to this war, is it credible to discuss peace? What does a political solution in Israel and Palestine demand? More importantly, what factors would contribute to the success of negotiations? To tackle these questions, this year's edition of the Foreign Policy Dialogues will serve as a platform to assess the current conflict's magnitude at local, regional, and international levels, and to explore the conditions under which we could envision credible negotiations for a political resolution of this conflict.