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Oct 28

SEMINAR - Oct 28, 2021

Webcast “El Sudeste Asiático: punto caliente de la rivalidad entre China y Estados Unidos”

Segunda sesión del ciclo “Nuevas dinámicas globales en el Sudeste Asiático”, organizado por CIDOB, Casa Asia y Real Instituto Elcano, que abordará el papel que le confiere la Unión Europea al Sudeste Asiático en su estrategia para el Indo-Pacífico, cómo jugarán sus cartas las dos grandes potencias en el Indo-Pacífico, China y Estados Unidos, y qué impacto tendrán sobre las dinámicas internas de la ASEAN, así como, los procesos de integración regional económica en el Sudeste asiático.


Recent Events

SEMINAR - Oct 8, 2021

Living in the “area of vital interest” for Russia

To fully grasp what Kremlin policy means and what is at stake for Europe as a whole, it is important to acknowledge that Western or Russian perceptions and approaches are not enough: we need the eyes and the experience of these neighbours.

SEMINAR - Oct 6, 2021

Bridging the Green and Digital Agendas in Cities to Drive more Ambitious and Inclusive Transitions

In preparation for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference, Barcelona City Council and CIDOB, in collaboration with the British Embassy in Spain (in capacity as COP26 Presidency) and Glasgow City Council (as the COP26 host city), and in partnership with C40 Cities and Eurocities, organise a two-day workshop to explore how cities can act as laboratories for integrating and accelerating the environmental and digital transitions in coherent policy frameworks, and in ways that are truly sustainable and just.