Localising the Next Wise Cities in the Mediterranean: The Multilevel Challenges of MENA’s Emerging Urban Region

Borja M. Iglesias, DUOT-UPC Barcelona Tech and UNESCO Chair in Intermediary Cities (UdL) Network for Strengthening the Informal City (NSIC)

The implementation process of the UN 2030 Agenda1 is being driven by two key principles: 1) the recognition of the endogenous needs and expectations of each territory; and 2) the capacity-building of local and sub-national governments to integrate the global agendas that have been approved since 2015 into their territorial development policies. Similarly, the concept of “Wise City” formulated by CIDOB places citizenship, local governments and models of glocal development at the centre of global geopolitics as they can achieve greater impact on territorial sustainability (urban, rural and environmental).