Eran Fraenkel

Dr. Eran Fraenkel is a cultural historian of the Balkans who, since 1994, has been engaged in the NGO sector, focusing on fragile and transitional societies. Fraenkel’s work combines a needs-based assessment and evaluation methodology with a theory of change program-design model. His approach involves a mult-valent situational analysis that evaluates the relative weight of (K)nowledge, (A)ttitudes, and (B)ehaviors as root causes or triggers of conflict. As essential components of problem solving, identified K-A-B factors are mapped against key actors (conflict generators and conflict solvers) and are measured on a 5-stage ”ladder of change” matrix. From 1994 to 2008, Fraenkel served as country director for Search for Common Ground in Macedonia and Indonesia, and as SE Europe Regional Director based in Brussels. As of 2008 Fraenkel has been consulting internationally on a broad scope of programming for social change. He has conducted formative assessments, held trainings, run program design workshops, and prepared summative evaluations in the Balkans, Indonesia, the Middle East, Nigeria, Kenya, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar and Eritrea. His assignments for the US Institute of Peace in Afghanistan resulted in two cutting-edge publications: Media in Afghanistan - Challenges and Opportunities for Peacebuilding (2010); and IONA – the Intended Outcomes Needs Assessment methodology (2011). Since 2011 Fraenkel has expanded on his methodology and has trained civil society organizations and media producers in his Intended Outcomes Social Change Assessment Methodology. Most recently Fraenkel consulted for the World Bank in Macedonia to analyze the dynamics of social inclusion and exclusion and to design a “social accountability filter” to prevent the Bank’s projects from becoming unintended triggers of conflict. Dr. Fraenkel currently resides in Barcelona.