Youth at the Margins: Prospects for the Youth in the Arab Mediterranean Countries

Youth at the Margins: Prospects for the Youth in the Arab Mediterranean Countries

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José Sánchez García and Elena Sánchez-Montijano (scientific coordinators)

The 2011 Arab uprisings led to a great proliferation of studies on the situations in the Arab countries of the Mediterranean, with particular attention given to their young people, whose role was particularly central. Seven years on, in-depth exploration is still needed of the conditions in which millions of (mainly young) people demanded change. In this context, issue 118 of Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals uses the analysis of original quantitative and qualitative data to examine the state and diversity of the forms of socioeconomic, political and cultural marginalisation facing the region's young men and women, as well as the strategies and routes of contestation by which they escape them.


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By way of presentation
Jose Sánchez García y Elena Sánchez-Montijano

Youth demarginalisation strategies in the Arab Mediterranean countries
Jose Sánchez García y Elena Sánchez-Montijano

Is entrepreneurship a way out for the Moroccan youth?
Caroline Minialai, Lisa Bossenbroek y Driss Ksikes

Young Tunisian women and men, between marginalisation and recognition
Soukeina Bouraoui, Lilia Othman Challougui y Sihem Najar

Born to be exported? Youth in Lebanon, rupture between education and employment
Rima Majed

Arab Mediterranean youth: political and religious participation
Ken Roberts, Siyka Kovacheva y Stanimir Kabaivanov 

Political participation and inequalities among Arab Mediterranean youth
Siyka Kovacheva, Stanimir Kabaivanov y Boris Popivanov

Youth, education and the labour market in the Arab Mediterranean countries
Leonie Backeberg, Andreas Etling y Jochen Tholen

Chronotopes of youth political participation in the Arab Mediterranean
Sofia Laine y Martta Myllylä

Arab Mediterranean youth norms and values: a gender analysis
Ilenya Camozzi, Daniela Cherubini, Carmen Leccardi y Paola Rivetti

The EuroMed Youth Programme and Arab Mediterranean youth: a realist vision
Asuman Göksel y Özgehan Şenyuva

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