The resurgence of the right in Latin America: new coalitions and agendas

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Barry Cannon and Patricia Rangel (coords.)

Latin America has taken a rightward turn. The election of Mauricio Macri as president of Argentina in 2015 and, above all, that of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil 2018 began an electoral cycle in which Latin America seemed to turn its back on the “pink tide” of left-wing leadership that had dominated the region since the turn of the millennium. Issue 126 of Revista CIDOB d'Afers Internacionals will analyse this phenomenon, taking a comprehensive approach to power that includes its ideological, economic, military and political dimensions, as well as its transnational influences. What is new about the region's current generation of right-wing actors and what is not? The papers paint a broad picture of a regional right wing in transition. Many of the old centres of power remain prominent (such as the army and religion), but their roles and identities are transformed; meanwhile new actors and media are redefining the Latin American right for the 21st century.


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Barry Cannon y Patrícia Rangel
Introduction: the resurgence of the right in Latin America

Julián Cárdenas, Francisco Robles-Rivera and Diego Martínez-Vallejo
The masters of Latin America: the networks linking major transnational business owners

José Antonio Sanahuja and Camilo López Burian
Neo-patriotic far-right forces in Latin America: contesting the international liberal order

Stéphanie Alenda, Julieta Suárez-Cao and Carmen Le Foulon
The Chilean right at the crossroads: counter-hegemony of subnational and solidary leaderships

Karin Fischer y Harald Waxenecker
Networks of power: insights into Guatemala's neoliberal power and knowledge elite

Nicolás Lynch
The Peruvian right: from hegemony to crisis (1990-2020)

John Crabtree
Democracy, elite power and civil society: Bolivia and Peru compared

Ybiskay González
Democracy as political strategy of the Venezuelan right

Kristina Hinz, Juliana Vinuto and Aline Beatriz Coutinho
In the name of God and rifles: the Neo-Pentecostal and securitarian rise in Brazil (2003-2019)

Verónica Giordano y Gina Paola Rodríguez
Latin American women of the right in the 21st century

Mayra Goulart and André Luiz Coelho
The role of supreme courts and the new right: neo-coups in Brazil

Book reviews (subjects)

Elías Chavarría-Mora
The right(s): yesterday, today and forever?

Nerea C. Palma, Gonzalo Parra Coray and Jesirell Turell
A new radical right wave?

Belén Díaz
The Latin American right strikes back: beyond political parties

Salvador Martí i Puig
Latin America: votes and democracy

Alfredo Crespo Alcázar
Delimiting fascism as a historical phenomenon

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