The New Era of Populism? Theoretical, Empirical and Comparative Perspectives

The New Era of Populism? Theoretical, Empirical and Comparative Perspectives

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Camil Ungureanu and Ivan Serrano (coords.)

Populism has undoubtedly been one of the most controversial political concepts of recent years. Transcending the boundaries of academia, it is now commonly used in the political arena, both to condemn the "elites" and to warn of the challenges facing contemporary democracies. The term is also applied to various political and economic contexts around the world: from the far right in Europe to the United States, Russia, Venezuela, the Philippines and India. As part of the debates on the limits and potential of populism as an analytical tool, issue 119 of Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals presents a set of studies from various perspectives that address distinct cases – often underexplored in scientific research – in order to analyse a phenomenon that has come to be a key component of the international political agenda.

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Camil Ungureanu and Ivan Serrano
Populism as a narrative and the crisis of representative democracy
Camil Ungureanu and Ivan Serrano
Beyond right and left: populism in Europe and Latin America
Susanne Gratius and Ángel Rivero
The void centre of the contemporary populism: the antinomical constitution of the populist leader
Michael Hauser
Contemporary European populism and the return of history
Daniel Matthews-Ferrero
Narendra Modi’s Hindu populism: reimagining the Indian nation
Mario López Areu
Populist justifications for war? The Russian intervention in eastern Ukraine
Sofia Tipaldou and Philipp Casula
Islamic populism: a non-Western response to globalisation
Alberto Priego
“Make America Great Again”: an expression of contemporary white nativism?
Antonio Alejo
The populist vote in the Andean region: the cases of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru
Angélica Abad Cisneros

China and the search for autonomous regional governance in Latin America
Thomas Legler, Mariano Turzi and Eduardo Tzili-Apango
The politico-normative approach of the EU and China towards Mercosur: a positive-sum game?
Lincoln Bizzozero and Sophie Wintgens

BOOK REVIEWS(subjects)
Debating populism: a byproduct of democracy?
Alfredo Crespo Alcázar
Populism: democracy or dictatorship?
Óscar García Jaén
The transatlantic populist wave: a western context
J. Andrew Carter, Jr.
The difficulty of covering the phenomenon of “populisms”
Ander Errasti
Another Theory of Populism? Assessing Jan-Werner Müller’s argument
Jacopo Custodi

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E-ISSN: 2013-035X
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