Preventing violent terrorism in Europe: approaches, methods and strategies

Preventing violent extremism in Europe: approaches, methods and strategies

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Moussa Bourekba, Researcher, CIDOB; Diego Muro, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of St Andrews (coords.)

In the recent two decades Europe has been faced with three major security challenges: increased home-grown terrorism, the phenomenon of foreign fighters, and the rise of the violent far right. In this situation, several European countries have produced a range of public policies and strategies with the aim of Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE). Number 128 of Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals (CIDOB Review of International Affairs) seeks to analyse this phenomenon and to formulate some initial answers to the general research question: Is the PVE a mainstay of antiterrorist policies or does it constitute a new paradigm of action against violent extremism?

Publication content

Moussa Bourekba and Diego Muro
Introduction: a paradigm shift? From counterterrorism to prevention of violent extremism (PVE)

Alice Martini and Laura Fernández de Mosteyrín
From terrorism to extremism: policies for preventing violent extremism in Europe

Santina Musolino
EU policies for preventing violent extremism: a new paradigm for action?

Daniel Koehler
Deradicalisation in Germany: preventing and countering violent extremism

Moussa Bourekba
Detect to prevent: strategies for countering violent extremism in Spain

Fatima Lahnait
Struggle against radicalisation in France: from experimentation to professionalisation

Floris Vermeulen and Koen Visser
Preventing violent extremism in the Netherlands: overview of its broad approach

Tahir Abbas
The scope and limits of combatting violent extremism in the United Kingdom

Anabel Rodríguez Basanta and Aida Guillén Lanzarote
Preventing social polarisation, racism and xenophobia in Barcelona’s neighbourhood conflicts

Verónica Yazmín García Morales, Josep Baqués Quesada y Xavier Torrens
Dialogic literature for preventing violent extremism (PVE): Ustaša hate speech

Book reviews (subjects)

Óscar Mateos
Political Violence: towards a complex understanding of the phenomenon

Francisco Villacampa Megía
The Importance of multidisciplinary studies in the struggle against jihadist terrorism

Ana Aguilera
Violent radicalisation in Spain seen from its various perspectives

Alfredo Crespo Alcázar
Prevention of radicalisation and deradicalisation as tools in the service of security

Lucía N. Converti
Entrepreneur presidents in Latin America: private vs general interest

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