Maras and youth gangs: two different worlds

Publication date:
VV.AA. Rafael Martínez Martínez (coord.)
Edicions Bellaterra

Revista CIDOB d'afers internacionals, núm. 81

There is an erroneous tendency to link the phenomenon of the maras in Central America, Mexico and United States with that of Latin American youth gangs in Europe and, specifically, in Spain and Catalonia. In fact, they do not have many points in common. In May 2007, the CIDOB Foundation organised a seminar to tackle the issue - the antecedents and reasons for the two realities, their current situations and future prospects. The seminar was attended by experts from both sides of the Atlantic, and the results of the debate are presented in this issue of the CIDOB Journal Afers Internacionals.

268 pp.

ISSN: 1133-6595 (print edition)
ISSN: 2013-035X (online edition)

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Maras in Latin America and gangs in Europe: Not so similar, not so different.
Rafael Martínez Martínez


The coldness of fear: Violence and culture in Mexico.
Carlos Mario Perea Restrepo

Central America’s Maras: Public policies and best practices.
Elsa Falkenburger y Geoff Thale

Are civil wars to blame for crime in Central America?
Ana Sofia Cardenal Izquierdo

Social cohesion and peace education: Alternatives for preventing child-youth violence in El Salvador.
Rhina Cabezas Valencia, Juncal Gilsanz Blanco y Lucía Sampayo

Social adaptation of Latin American youth gangs in Spain: Gangs and street youth organisations.
Juan Pablo Soriano Gatica

Public intervention on Latin American youth gangs: A few considerations based on immigration laws and their application in Catalonia.
David Moya Malapeira

Latino gangs: An examination of social recuperation in Barcelona.
Josep M. Lahosa i Cañellas

Barcelona and Madrid: Two different realities in the phenomenon of the Latino gangs.
Miguel López Corral

The diplomatic battle between Beijing and Taipei in Central America and the Caribbean.
Mario Esteban Rodríguez

Just war in the age of terror.
Enric Ibarz Pascual

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