Dimensions of Religious Pluralism

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VV.AA. Coordinated by: Jordi Moreras Palenzuela, Director of Tr[à]nsits consulting firm
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Revista CIDOB d'afers internacionals, núm. 77

The contributions that are presented in this monograph respond to the need to think about the management of the religious diversity brought about by the new migration contexts. It is a discussion promoted, at the same time, by the function of religious practices and beliefs as active references in the processes of community configuration. These article underscore how the fit of religious expressions shown by immigrant groups in their process of social settlement reopens apparently resolved issues and redefines some of the debates that existed in the receiving societies with regard to religion. This publication brings together articles that pose a redefinition of the forms of institutional relationship between the political and the religious spheres, a redefinition of the frameworks of religious and non-denominational freedom, and a redefinition of the proposals for management and regulation on local political agendas, as the prime sphere promoting regulatory interventions.

368 pp.

ISSN: 1133-6595

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Mercedes Rico

José María Contreras Mazarío

Debates on Religious Pluralism and Secularism

Immigration and the New Religious Pluralism. A Comparison between the European Union and the United States.
José Casanova

Freedom of Conscience and Conviction in the Spanish Constitutional System.
José María Contreras Mazarío

The Process of Secularisation in Spanish Society.
Alfonso Pérez-Agote Poveda

Europe between Laicity and Denominationalism. Some Paths of Reflection.
Mondher Kilani

Experiences in Local Regulation of Religious Pluralism.

The Challenges of the Local Management of Ethnic-Religious Diversity in Montreal: The Case of the Fitting Out of Places of Worship.
Annick Germain

The City of Mantes-la-Jolie and “Its” Mosque. A New Political-Religious Order under Construction?
Claire de Galembert

Public Space and Plurality of Beliefs.
Francesc Rovira Llopart

Law, the Opening of Places of Worship, and Freedom of Religion.
Juli Ponce Solé


The Catholic Church and the Secular State.
Juan-José Tamayo Acosta

The Necessary Laicity.
Jordi López Camps

Thematic Bibliography.
Jordi Moreras Palenzuela

Other Articles

The Expansion of UN Peacekeeping Operations and the Case of Lebanon.
Albert Padrós López

Pre-emptive Defence against International Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Reasoned Critique.
Yolanda Gamarra Chopo

Bibliographical Selection of CIDOB’s Library on Religious Pluralism.