Asylum in lockdown: Access to international protection and reception in times of COVID-19

Publication date:
Blanca Garcés Mascareñas and Ana López-Sala (coord.)

Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals, n. 129
Cuatrimestral (Octubre-diciembre 2021)
ISSN:1133-6595 - E-ISSN:2013-035X

Issue 129 of Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals analyses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international protection from a comparative perspective. Specifically, it has a dual objective: on the one hand to produce academic knowledge on a subject whose recency means it is largely unknown; and on the other to examine the contradictions and implications of asylum in lockdown. It takes particular interest in understanding how the pandemic has catalysed the drift towards tighter restrictions in the global asylum system, with access to the territory, as well as to the process and reception being limited in different parts of Latin America, the Mediterranean and Europe.

Publication content

Immobile, stranded and excluded: the effects of COVID-19 on the international asylum system
Blanca Garcés-Mascareñas and Ana López-Sala

Invisible or ignored? COVID-19 and Venezuelan asylum seekers in Peru
Marta Castro Padrón and Luisa Feline Freier De Ferrari

Immobilised flight in Tijuana: Mexican women forcibly displaced to the United States
Aída Silva Hernández and Beatriz Alfaro Trujillo

The dual logic of European externalisation: protection and deportation in Morocco
Daniela Lo Coco and Eloisa González Hidalgo

Permanently locked down: the impact of COVID-19 on the Palestinian refugee population
Oscar Monterde

The European asylum regime’s pre-pandemic coercive trajectory is consolidated
Emmanuel Comte

The European reception system and its conditions in times of COVID-19: gatopardism and the placebo effect
Encarnación La Spina

Refugees in containment: patterns of (im)mobility and the right of asylum at the southern border
Iker Barbero

The irruption of COVID-19 in the Spanish asylum system: Almería as a case study
Pablo Pumares, Alexandra Mª Ríos-Marín and Clara López-Mora

Reviews (subjects)

Can asylum exist without refugees? The limits of asylum and how to limit those who limit the right to asylum
Alèxia Rué

Out of hiding into sight
Sergio Maydeu-Olivares

Migration and climate change: complex debates and taking stances
Oriol Puig

Women porters in Ceuta: the border as resource, stigma and cage
Lorenzo Gabrielli

An analysis of COVID-19 beyond health concerns
Alfredo Crespo

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