Youth Politics in Lebanon. A Call for Ccitizen Empowerment

Youth Politics in Lebanon. A Call for Citizen Empowerment

Publication date:
Tamirace Fakhoury, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Lebanese American University

SAHWA Policy Paper  nº.  9

ISSN 2564-9167 

Lebanon has sought in the last years to promote youth-oriented policy formulation processes. The Council of Ministers has endorsed a 2012 youth policy strategy that benefitted from the support of external funding actors, youth-based organizations and civil society actors. The Lebanese government has moreover cooperated with international actors such as the European Union (EU), the United Nations and the World Bank with a view to implementing youth-based projects targeting job creation, empowerment, citizenship, and peace building. In the wake of the Syrian conflict and its ‘spillover effects’, international projects have drawn on youth politics as a key requisite to boosting Lebanon’s social cohesion and resilience.