A Ticking Bomb: Egypt’s Youth Unemployment

A Ticking Bomb: Egypt’s Youth Unemployment

Publication date:
Bahgat Korany, Mostafa El-Sayyad and Basma Serag

SAHWA Policy Paper nº. 4

ISSN 2564-9167 

SAHWA’s qualitative and quantitative data, other data sets and recent field work all confirm that unemployment -specifically among youth- is problem number one. In fact Egyptian media noted recently the increasing number of youth demonstrating against rising employment, remarking that they were especially graduates who invested in getting their MA and Ph.D, and still remain without a job. In neighboring Jordan, police was forced to intervene because the demonstrations by the unemployed were getting out of control.
This paper includes an introduction and four sections that specify the youth age bracket used and deal with such issues as the dialectics between the formal and informal sectors. The concluding section emphasizes youth integration in policy making -including about unemployment- by presenting the most recent governmental initiative: the PLP (Presidential Leadership Program). The overall analysis is backed up by data presented in six graphs.

DOI: doi.org/10.24241/swpp.2016.4.1