ADMIGOV Deliberable 3.4

How (seasonal) agricultural demands for labour are met by immigrant workers in the Netherlands and Germany

Publication date:
Jeroen Doomernik, Wendelien Barkema and Vincenzo Gomes

ADMIGOV Deliverable 3.4 (2020)

In its 2020 Pact on Migration and Asylum the European Commission among other instruments proposes to regain more control over irregular migration by creating more legal pathways into the Union. In as far as this would facilitate labour migration benefits are to be expected for countries of origin and destination as well as the migrants themselves. However, as reminded us by Anna Schmidt of the EU’s DG DEVCO in a webinar broadcasted on 24 November 20201 sponsored by the Horizon20201 sponsored TRAFIG project: it is not within the realm of the EU to shape pathways for legal labour migration. Labour migration remains the competence and prerogative of its member states. The question thus is not so much why the Commission wants legal pathways to be offered but rather whether and why member states do or do not.