US Presidential Election. What Scenarios for the World After Obama?

US Presidential Election. What Scenarios for the World after Obama?

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Eckart Woertz (coord.)

As President Obama’s presidency draws to a close, it is time to take stock of his legacy and assess the kind of continuities and changes we may encounter during the next US presidency. His potential successors are very different, not only in matters of style, but also in their policy prescriptions. In foreign policy, many expect a dose of hard-nosed realism from Hillary Clinton when it comes to issues such as Russian expansionism or the Iranian nuclear dossier, but overall she is running on a ticket of international cooperation and dependability; a Trump presidency on the other hand would likely usher in considerable changes ranging from climate change, which he has portrayed as a Chinese conspiracy, to security and trade cooperation with Europe. Differences between the two candidates also span the domestic policy agenda, ranging from migration policies to reform of the prison system and healthcare. 

This collaborative volume by CIDOB researchers explores the legacy of the Obama administration and offers a speculative outlook on things to come.


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