UNASUR and integration in South America

Publication date:
Manuel Cienfuegos and José Antonio Sanahuja [eds.]
Edicions Bellaterra

Interrogar la actualidad, n.º 28

Since the 1990s, several Latin American states have opted for integration strategies of open regionalism to improve their international presence and to respond to the challenges of globalisation. Twenty years later, initiatives have appeared that take a different approach – such as ALBA-TCP and UNASUR – which, paradoxically, coexist with groups that seem to be stagnated or in crisis, such as Mercosur and the Andean Community. The role of these initiatives in development, democratic governance and social cohesion was debated in the international seminar "Regional integration in South America", organised by CIDOB and the Complutense Institute of International Studies (ICEI) in Barcelona on 14-15 February 2008. This monograph work includes the most outstanding addresses from the event.

(Colección Interrogar la Actualidad; 28)

ISBN 13: 978-84-92511-15-0

422 pp.