Respuestas locales a inseguridades globales. Innovación y cambios en Brasil y España

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Sonia Fleury, Joan Subirats and Ismael Blanco
Edicions Bellaterra

Interrogar la actualidad, n.º 24

Over the past few years, a series of different transformations have profoundly altered the foundations of industrial society. These are multidimensional transformations that affect areas such as the economy, the job market and social democratic structures. They are changes of a global scope which, even though they generate new opportunities, also give rise to new risks – risks of social exclusion linked with greater job insecurity, isolation, lack of protection and a lack of recognition of citizens' rights. There are also the risks of the privatisation of problems and of the weakening of collective action and democracy.

As a reaction to this series of risks, we are currently witnessing the advent of countless innovative experiences in the local sphere, thanks to the action of actors that are formed through the transformational efforts involved in a lived experience. These actors become multipliers of ideas, and many of them are at the forefront of processes of mobilisation, awareness-building and the affirmation of the identity of a socially-excluded community. These innovative practices, both in the sphere of society and in that of the State, represent original strategies for social inclusion and for the promotion of active citizenship.

In this context, the Programa de Estudos da Esfera Pública (PEEP) of the Fundação Getulio Vargas (EBAPE/FGV) in Brazil, and the Institute of Government and Public Policies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (IGOP/UAB) in Spain, working in collaboration with the CIDOB Foundation, have carried out a research study with the aim of analysing experiences of social and local innovation aimed at promoting social inclusion and active citizenship.

ISBN: 978-84-92511-04-4

160 pp.

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