La seguridad desde las dos orillas: un debate entre Europa y Latinoamérica

Publication date:
Rafael Martínez and Joseph S. Tulchin [eds.]
Edicions Bellaterra

Interrogar la actualidad, n.º 14

What are the new threats and risks on the international scene? In what way is the tension between freedom and security being resolved, in favour of whom is the balance leaning? How is the citizenry involved in security? Is pre-emptive security being imposed as a response to new threats, or is it anchored in reactive models? How are the traditional actors in security (armed forces, intelligence service, police) reacting? How does the new security paradigm affect the traditionally conflictive relationships between civil society and these armed corps? To respond to these questions, a colloquium was held in February 2005 with Latin American and Spanish experts, in which the Latin American view of itself was compared with Europe’s view of each of the realities analysed. The result of the intense debates changed quite a few hypotheses and has forged this collective work.

Rafael Martínez is a Permanent Lecturer in Political Science and Administration at the University of Barcelona. He has published and directed research projects on political parties, governing systems, two-round election systems and, lately, the area of security and defence policies.

Joseph S. Tulchin is the Director of the Latin America Programme at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, in Washington D. C. He has published over twenty books, among them three monographs on inter-American relations, Latin American issues, Spanish foreign policy and international relations. He has been editor of Current Studies on Latin America for Lynne Rienner Publishers.

ISBN: 978-84-87072-61-1

344 pp.