Hacia una zona andina de paz: entre la cooperación y el conflicto

Publication date:
Anna Ayuso and Susana Beltrán
Edicions Bellaterra

Interrogar la actualidad, n.º 17

By signing the "Commitments of Lima" agreement on 17 June 2002, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela showed their desire to establish a peace zone in the Andes. This agreement was renewed – in spite of Venezuela's withdrawal from the Andean Community – in the joint declaration by the defence ministers of the Bolivar countries who met in Quito on 24 May 2006. Based on this agreement, the book explores some of the areas that currently represent foci of interstate tensions between the Andean countries, but which at the same time, owing to their regional dimension, also represent opportunities to generate multilateral administration mechanisms that may, in turn, help contribute to the prevention and resolution of cross-border conflict and the creation of an Andean peace zone. The areas particularly under study include the fight against the illegal trafficking of drugs and the management of strategic natural resources: shared hydrocarbon and hydric resources. From these two areas, the book analyses the panorama of the Andean region and, in particular, the multilateral mechanisms (mainly of a sub-regional nature) that are being used to deal with the problems that are arising in these sectors. Furthermore, the book assesses the possible European contribution to the strengthening of regional and sub-regional cooperation instruments, thanks to the international collaboration mechanisms available, and the instruments that could be deployed in the future.

Anna Ayuso is a doctor of International Public Law and a lecturer in European Studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). She has been the coordinator of the CIDOB Foundation's Latin America Programme since 2002, before which she coordinated the International Cooperation Area of the same institution. She is also a lecturer in International Public Law at the UAB, and coordinator of the Development Policies module in the Development Masters degree of the UAB-CIDOB Foundation.
Her latest publications are: Pobreza, desigualdad y cohesión social: más allá de los objetivos del milenio, Pensamiento Iberoamericano (2007); 25 anys de transicions i reformes a Amèrica Llatina: la eterna esperança de les promeses ajornades (Cidob magazine issue 100, 2007) and Construyendo una cooperación al desarrollo para la asociación estratégica entre la UE y América Latina y el Caribe in C. Freres and J. A. Sanahuja; Latin America and the European Union… (Icaria, Barcelona, 2006)

Susana Beltrán is a Permanent Lecturer in International Public Law (UAB) and an Accredited Lecturer in research (AQUCat) and PCD (ANECA). She is the author of various works on human rights and decentralised entities: Bolivia and the regional instruments of dispute prevention and settlement, Insecurity and Development, EADI (2006): The International Protection of Human Rights vs. Groups Employing Psychological Manipulation, International Journal of Human Rights (2005) and Un espacio para las regiones después de la ampliación, in Las incógnitas de la ampliación. F. J de Landaburu award (2005)

ISBN: 978-84-87072-84-0

272 pp