20 / Asia Central y la Seguridad Energética Global. Nuevos actores y dinámicas en Eurasia.

Publication date:
Alex González and Carmen Claudín [eds.]
Edicions Bellaterra

Interrogar la actualidad, n.º 20

International current affairs analysts commonly claim that it is the emergence of powers such as China and India that are characterising the world today. However, other areas in Asia are also undergoing a “re-sizing” and an "emergence" owing to their links with present-day challenges. This is the case with Central Asia. Comprised of recently-created states that have many question marks hanging over them in different areas, their considerable energy reserves have made them one of the new focuses of attention for foreign policy agendas. This volume examines the region's importance in terms of international politics, through a detailed analysis of the role the region is playing on the global energy stage. At the same time, the book studies the enormous importance of Central Asian republics in terms of the security of a part of the planet that is enmeshed in a situation of considerable risk. Thus, by examining the complex network of dynamics and actors that intervene in the region, the articles included in this publication will help to provide a global view of the space between Lisbon and Vladivostok. Being common ground for both Europeans and Asians, Eurasia is now a priority area both for Europe's external influence and for the composition of the international order.

ISBN: 978-84-87072-97-0

252 pp.