Quiénes son y qué piensan los futuros oficiales y suboficiales del Ejército español

Publication date:
Rafael Martínez

Documentos CIDOB Seguridad y Defensa, n.º 2

The aim of this study is to establish a current picture of the future officers and noncommissioned officers as professionals, citizens and young people, and, to the extent possible, in line with a tradition of studies on Spanish military personnel, to form categories that define homogeneous groups. However, it also aims to detect the problems that they face that are of a professional nature, as civil servants in the State administration, and those of a political nature, considering their special constitutional functions, and to lay out solutions for them to the ministry.
In general, it describes the democratic character of the future Spanish officers and noncommissioned officers, the profile of a modern, conservative member of the armed services, similar to those of other military forces in democratic Europe. Notwithstanding, however, it notes the need to make a pedagogical effort on some issues concerning the training process of these professionals, modernising and adapting this education to new realities in order to mitigate the training deficiencies that generate distorted perceptions of political and social reality.

Rafael Martínez is a professor of Political Science and Administration at the University of Barcelona. He is a co-author, with Jaume Mage, Antonio M. Díaz and Jordi Calvet, of the report Perfil profesional, político y sociodemocrático de los alumnos de las academias militares [Professional, Political and Social-Democratic Profile of the Students in the Military Academies] (“Defence 2003” Award)

issn: 1696-9960 (print edition)
issn: 1697-9923 (online edition)

32 pp.