Focusing back again on European Security: The Medvedev proposal as an opportunity

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Jordi Vaquer i Fanés, Director of CIDOB

Documentos CIDOB Seguridad y Política Mundial, n.º 6

In 2008 Russian President Dmitri Medvedev proposed in Berlin a new approach to European Security, one which would secure borders and guarantee the territorial integrity of states that Russia saw endangered after the recognition of Kosovo’s independence by the vast majority of Western democracies. The proposal of an overarching treaty is now considered unworkable, but it has brought to the forefront the debate about European Security that had been sidelined by a focus on terrorism, the Middle East and Afghanistan in Western security agendas. This paper suggests ten ways in which the momentum could be seized to improve the general context of security in Europe, taking into account the issues raised by the Russian government without necessarily accepting all of its points of view.

8 pp.

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