Migraciones y pluralismo religioso. Elementos para el debate

Publication date:
Jordi Moreras

Documentos CIDOB Migraciones, n.º 9

This text presents an approach to the debates generated by the religious expression of immigrant groups and their impact on the religious plurality of receiving societies. In the face of an idea of pluralism that, in our society, is understood more as a descriptor of the plurality of religious references and not so much as an element of recognition of the contribution of the different faiths to the plural composition of our society, secularism is proposed as an ordering element of a democratic society and model of coexistence The author asserts that in the future, although it could seem paradoxical, the inclusion of minority faiths – not so much by virtue of their doctrinal contributions as for their civic contributions – must be the path toward normalising religious pluralism in Catalonia.

Jordi Moreras, Anthropologist, Tr(à)nsits Consulting Firm (Barcelona)

ISSN: 1697-7734 (print edition)
ISSN: 1697-8145 (online edition)

56 pp.