For a European cultural space: Diversity and complexity

Publication date:
Yolanda Onghena, Senior Research Fellow

Documentos CIDOB Dinámicas Interculturales, n.º 16

The present paper explores the significance of “Europe” both in its conceptual, metaphoric dimension and in its territorial conception, as it is experienced for those who reflect upon it “from inside”, and those who identify it “from the outside”. The aim is to think about the possibility of constructing a notion of Europe in cultural terms, as well as critically interrogating the necessity of including notions of “European identity” within such construction. Against those who appeal to notions of identity in order to replace old borders with new ones, this study invites the reader to take diversity seriously, as a central element of any project that has a globalized Europe as its aim. Thus, through a discussion informed both by political theorists of radical democracy and complexity theory, the present paper argues for thinking key steps towards a European “cultural space”.

ISSN: 1698-2568 (print edition)
ISSN: 1698-5516 (online edition)

30 pp.