El medio audiovisual como herramienta de investigación social

Publication date:
Jordi Grau Rebollo, Elisenda Ardévol, Gemma Orobitg Canal y Adriana Vila Guevara (coord.)

Documentos CIDOB Dinámicas Interculturales, n.º 12

How should we incorporate the use of the audiovisual into social research? With the aim of clarifying certain compromising aspects of this increasingly commonly-used tool, the authors of this document examine the validity of the audiovisual record, as well as the scientific interest of its content and the variables of its account. The article by Jordi Grau explores audiovisual use as a field notebook and defends the need for suitable planning to achieve a reliability of record, so as to mitigate the risks of its use in the research. Elisenda Ardévol, meanwhile, tackles ethnographic cinema in its different aspects (documentary, ethnographic material, visual ethnography, etc.) and defends the utility of its analysis as a source of knowledge of human societies and cultures; to this end, she offers certain guidelines. And finally, Gemma Orobitg also focuses on the production of anthropological knowledge, but from the standpoint of ways of seeing, from the games of relations and representations that are articulated in it, and examining how this narrating of experience is reflected in the different forms of visual documentation.

ISSN: 1698-2568 (print edition)
ISSN: 1698-5516 (online edition)

Adriana Vila Guevara (coord.)
Doctorate student of anthropology, University of Barcelona. Audiovisual director

Jordi Grau Rebollo
Lecturer in the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Barcelona

Elisenda Ardévol
Lecturer in Anthropology in Humanity Studies, Open University of Catalonia

Gemma Orobitg Canal
Lecturer in Anthropology in the Department of Cultural Anthropology, History of America and Africa, University of Barcelona