Water resources management in Central Asia. Regional and international issues at stake

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Autors Documentos Asia 25: Anar Khamzayeva, Sulton Rahimov, Ulugbek Islamov, Farhod Maksudov, Dilafruz Maksudova, Bektur Sakiev

Documentos CIDOB Asia, n.º 25

This publication came about as a product of the debate workshop “Managing water resources in Central Asia: regional and international issues at stake”, an academic meeting organised by CIDOB, within the framework of the Observatory on Central Asia, which co-sponsored the event together with Casa Asia and the Royal Elcano Institute. The document includes research studies by four of its academic speakers and the main conclusions reached and a few recommendations of great importance for national and international actors, as well as for the main international powers with interests in the region. This is a document of great value for anybody who is interested in the management of water resources and the dynamics of cooperation and conflict that are generated around such an activity, and area that is of key importance to understanding the past, present and future of relations between the Central Asian states in such crucial areas as water resources, energy and the damage done to the environment by climate change and pollution.

ISSN: 1696-9987 (print edition)
ISSN: 1697-381X (online edition)

100 pp.


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