Indonesia en transformación

Publication date:
Manuel Montobbio

Documentos CIDOB Asia, n.º 24

The shaping of a democratic, developing State on the archipelago that is today the Republic of Indonesia is just one of history's possible narratives. To answer the question of what the central structuring components, factors and actors are that has made it possible, as well as those that will determine Indonesia's future and its transformations, this work carries out an examination of the structuring components of the national construction of Indonesia, in order to subsequently be able to carry out an analysis of the process which, beginning with the political regime established by Sukarno following independence, led to its replacement by Suharto's “New Order, its consolidation and crisis, giving rise to the transition that has led to the establishing of a democratic regime in consolidation and to the successful tackling of the country's major historical challenges. The work closes with an analysis of the point this transformation process has reached and the future challenges for Indonesia.

ISSN: 1696-9987 (print edition)
ISSN: 1697-381X (online edition)

55 pp.