Asia Central: Gobierno, cooperación y seguridad

Publication date:
Lluc López i Vidal, Anahita Nasirossadat, Roger Serra i Puig and Nora Sainz Gsell

Documentos CIDOB Asia, n.º 18

The three articles included in this Document, drafted by the Research Group on International Relations in Asia (GIRIA), analyses Central Asia from a dual perspective. Using a historical-political approach, the authors cover the region's evolution during the post-Cold War period until the turn of the century, examining the elements that justify the region's growing centrality, with arguments such as that of the fight against terrorism. Meanwhile, by focusing the analysis on the region's specific characteristics, an examination is made of some of the factors that determine its strategic value, such as those of energy resources (gas and oil) and its geographical location in Eurasia, given that it acts as a link between different civilisations (Russia, China, Iran and India). The articles explore this reality from the points of view of governance (based on the case of Uzbekistan), cooperation in the area and energy security (placing particular emphasis on the role played by Turkmenistan).

ISSN: 1696-9987 (print edition)
ISSN: 1697-381X (online edition)

pp. 152