UN @ 75: Rethinking multilateralism

CIDOB Report nº 6
Publication date: 09/2020
Pol Bargués, Research Fellow, CIDOB (coord.)
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CIDOB Report nº 6

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a global health crisis that has accelerated dangerous dynamics in international relations. The great power rivalry between the US and China has sharpened, while conflict-affected societies like Libya, Ukraine and Yemen face another layer of complexity and disruption. Social inequalities are widening and dissatisfaction growing as economies contract and the recovery is slower than initially forecast. The overlap between the global health and socio-economic crisis and the climate emergency present the UN with the greatest challenge since its creation as it approaches its 75th anniversary. As the pandemic drags on, in an age of widening fault lines and protracted crises the question of how to enhance multilateralism and a rules-based international order appears both urgent and demanding.

This CIDOB Report examines the challenges currently facing the UN and offers pathways for the reform and strengthening of multilateralism and global cooperation. The report is structured in two parts: the first addresses how the UN has dealt with today’s key challenges, from development to peacebuilding to violent extremism; the second provides analysis and recommendations for rebuilding a multilateral world order.

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