Lines of Research

CIDOB promotes innovation in the analysis of global politics, with the aim of transcending classical international relations structures and considering the growing impact of global phenomena on local realities.

Thematic lines

Global geopolitics and security

This strategic line focuses on analysis and foresight of cooperation and conflict dynamics, as well as the actors and institutions with global reach.


CIDOB addresses migration from a triple perspective: as a subject of politicisation in public debates, as an object of public policy and in relation to its forms of governance.

Global cities and metropolises

CIDOB analyses cities in global governance, as well as cities’ socioeconomic and environmental challenges.

Sustainable development

This strategic line addresses development challenges holistically, within the SDGs framework for achieving the 2030 Agenda.

Geographical lines


The European Union is a reference point for CIDOB’s research. It considers the debates over the EU’s internal transformation and its role as an international actor.

The greater Mediterranean

CIDOB broadens its focus from the Middle East and North Africa to the countries of the Sahel, Iran, Turkey and the Gulf, focussing on dynamics of fragmentation, interdependence and marginalisation.

Latin America and the Atlantic space

CIDOB analyses the political changes taking place in the region and their effects, both on the countries’ development and international integration strategies, as well as on regional balances.

Asia-Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa

CIDOB incorporates the dynamics of other regions of the world into its analysis. These include the Asia-Pacific area, and Sub-Saharan Africa and the Sahel.