Juan Garrigues

Associate Senior Researcher

  • Thematic lines of research: Global geopolitics and security.

Professional experience

Senior Research Fellow Associate at CIDOB and Deputy Director at the Dialogue Advisory Group (DAG), an organization that mediates and facilitates political dialogue in countries in conflict. Graduated in International Politics from the University of Virginia; Master's in International Studies from the Complutense University of Madrid. He has previously worked as a Foreign Policy adviser in the Spanish Prime Minister's office, in Spanish think tanks FRIDE and CITpax, and the UN Department of Political Affairs, among others. He has also served as a long and short-term electoral observer with the UN, EU and OSCE, and as a consultant to the UN Mediation Support Unit. 

opinión CIDOB núm. 686 OPINION - 08/2021

Taliban dilemmas

Juan Garrigues, Deputy Director, Dialogue Advisory Group and Associate Senior Researcher, CIDOB

Reuters - Dec 13, 2018

Militia leader’s bravado shows limits of Libya reforms

“If there is not sufficient outreach to armed groups outside Tripoli to get their buy-in, the new security arrangements risk exacerbating existing tensions,” said Juan Garrigues, associate senior researcher at CIDOB.

Diario de mediación - Jun 14, 2016

Entrevista a Juan Garrigues: Mediación y Diálogo Político

Juan Garrigues es investigador senior asociado de CIDOB y asesor especial de Dialogue Advisory Group, una organización en Ámsterdam que trabaja en proyectos de mediación y dialogo político en países en conflicto. Garrigues considera que la mediación es una herramienta para restaurar la paz y la democracia entre países: “Conseguir un éxito en cualquier Mediación requiere de un ingrediente principal, la confianza”.