Francesc Fàbregues

Project Manager

Professional experience

Graduate in Philosophy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Master's in International Relations from CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs); his dissertation focused on human rights in the agreements between the EU and Turkey, his main areas of interest are: Spain's foreign relations, Euro-Mediterranean relations and Turkey's progress toward becoming an EU member, analysis of international conflicts and the United Nations system. He has participated in international missions as an electoral observer, and has acted as adviser to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. He is the coordinator of the CIDOB International Yearbook and the Immigration in Spain Yearbook.

  • Mipex 2015

    MIPEX 2015

    “Integration policies: Who benefits?”

    The project “ Integration policies: Who benefits? The development and use of indicators in integration debates ” (MIPEX 2015) is led by CIDOB, and the Migration Policy Group (MPG). The project aims to inform and engage key policy actors about how to use indicators to improve governance and policy effectiveness relating to the integration of immigrants.

esglobal - Dec 21, 2017

Diez temas que marcarán la agenda internacional en 2018

Hace años que intuimos una crisis del orden global pero en 2018 los síntomas se manifestarán con mayor frecuencia e intensidad. A ello contribuirán algunas corrientes de fondo, como los vacíos de poder que deja un Estados Unidos en retirada, la cuarta revolución industrial o una creciente vulnerabilidad digital.