Call for book reviews

Publication date:

Critical reviews of recently-published collections of essays on international relations  

We are particularly looking for reviews that deal with the topics of the next issues. For more information, see here.

We particularly welcome multi-book reviews, that is, reviews on several different books (between two and three).


"Review" in this case is understood to mean a text that describes the contents, the basic ideas and the most interesting points of the works reviewed, and which includes a personal, reasoned assessment by the author

Required structure: 

a)   Own title, different from that of the book reviewed (maximum 10 words).  

b)   Name of reviewer and institutional affiliation.

c)   Presentation of the work(s) title(s), author(s), publishers, year of publication, etc.).

d)   Condensed description of the contents of the work(s).

e)   Reasoned critical assessment of the work(s) in which the author gives his/her personal view of the work and the subject. 


The reviews should be between 1,000-1,500 (multi-book) words in length.

Reviews should not include subtitles, footnotes or references.

Their subject matter may be broad, though it must always be connected with international issues. 

The books reviewed must have been published recently (within the last 2-3 years, maximum) and they must be academic in terms of quality and style.

In the multi-book reviews, the author should explain what the topic is that links the works, as well as critically highlighting the most important aspects of each book, and their empirical and analytical contributions.


All reviews should be sent to: