Macedonia and its path towards European integration: Advances, obstacles and implications for the Balkan region

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Carlos Flores Juberías y Marija Atanaskova

This article analyses the progress made and obstacles encountered by the process to bring Macedonia into the European Union. After studying the history of relations between Macedonia and the EU and the Union’s new strategies for enlargement with respect to the Balkans, the author specifically analyses the problems which have, to date, hampered the progress of Macedonia’s candidacy (one particularly important example being the dispute with Greece over its name), as well as its strengths, paying particular attention to the backing given by public opinion and numerous EU-related areas. Finally, the author reflects on the negative consequences that the current blockade could have for the stability of the country and of the region, and formulates several proposals for action to avert this situation.

 Keywords: European Union, Euro-Atlantic integration, Macedonia, Western Balkans

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