Neoconservative foreign policy in USA: Changes, continuities and prospects

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Mariano Andrés Guida

When Barack Obama took office as president of the United States, there was a general feeling that substantial changes might take place in US foreign policy. Nevertheless, by carrying out a precise study of US power, in its position of dominance, we will end up replacing the ana­lytical options that explain George W. Bush’s foreign policy from the standpoint of its historical exceptional nature (as an immediate antecedent to be modified) through a foundation based on the underlying factors that determine it. An analysis of Bush’s foreign policy, its foundations, as well as an observation of the foreign policy implemented by Obama, will enable us to draw conclusions as to the presence of determining factors, continuities, changes and, at the same time, possible prospects.

Key words: United States, Barack Obama, foreign policy, change, continuity

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