Introduction: women and power, from descriptive to substantive representation

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Mercedes García Montero and Cristina Rivas Pérez

Mercedes García Montero, Profesora titular de Ciencia Política, Instituto de Iberoamérica, Universidad de Salamanca. ORCID:

Cristina Rivas Pérez, Profesora ayudante doctor de Ciencia Política, Instituto de Iberoamérica, Universidad de Salamanca. ORCID: 

How to cite this article: García Montero, Mercedes y Rivas Pérez, Cristina. «Introducción: mujeres y poder, de la representación descriptiva a la sustantiva». Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals, n.º 127 (abril de 2021), p. 7-13. DOI:

The analysis of women’s access to the spaces of political power has produced a prolific field of research. Some of the range of aspects addressed have been amply studied, such as the number of women in political office. However, certain other fields of interest are emerging: in particular, the characteristics and values of women politicians, their careers and trajectories, the impact and influence of regulatory changes on real equality, and the substantive changes brought by women's participation in decision-making. These are the topics addressed by the papers in this issue of Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals, which aim to bring an in-depth perspective to the interaction between political opportunities, norms and values to achieve gender equality in decision-making spaces.

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