Constitutional reflections of transformation in Cuba: a view from Poland

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Katarzyna Dembicz, investigadora y docente, American Studies Center, University of Warsaw (Polonia)

Cuba's new Fundamental Law, passed on February 24th 2019, is considered the next step in the structural changes that have taken place in the country. These changes create uncertainties, increase social vulnerability and highlight spaces subject to greater risks. This paper forms part of the current debate on Cuba’s transformation, based on knowledge of its socioeconomic reality and the thinking of Poland's “transitology” school. The text of the country's new constitution is analysed through this comparison. Based on the conviction that individual and collective actions in Cuban society increase the unpredictability of the process of change, this paper aims to suggest that the text of the new constitution manifests the imponderables of the Cuban transformation.

Keywords: Cuba, constitution, transformation, socioeconomic uncertainties, theoretical debate, eastern Europe, Poland


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How to cite this article: Dembicz, Katarzyna. «Reflejos constitucionales de la transformación en Cuba: miradas desde Polonia». Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals, n.º 123 (diciembre de 2019), p. 203–223. DOI: