Border deployment in the European Union context under the current security ethos

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Ignacio Mendiola, profesor de Sociología, Universidad del País Vasco/Euskalherriko Unibertsitatea

The border can no longer be understood as a line demarcating a State’s sovereignty. On the contrary, border production, that is, border deployment via multiple spaces that are internal and external to the State itself, brings about a recomposition of sovereign power. Taking the EU framework as a case study, this paper examines this recomposition based on its interweaving with the security ethos. The border emerges as a shifting geography of imprecise limits through which processes of capturing spaces and subjectivities are activated. This capture, which combines increasingly extensive and invasive surveillance with militarised control rationales, is one of the most notorious manifestations of a securitarian act that is legitimised in the bio-necro-political management of a migrant subjectivity that is seen, largely, in terms of risk.

Keywords: border, security, immunity, surveillance, space, European Union, biopolitics, necropolitics


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Mendiola, Ignacio. «El despliegue fronterizo en el contexto de la Unión Europea bajo el actual ethos securitario». Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals, n.º 122 (septiembre de 2019), p. 39-60. DOI: