Political participation and inequalities among Arab Mediterranean youth

Publication date:
Siyka Kovacheva; Stanimir Kabaivanov and Boris Popivanov

After the mobilisations of the so-called Arab Spring, in which the young were the main players, the current political situation in the region remains unfavourable to the participation of youth in institutional politics. The young seem uninterested in politics, are reluctant to vote in elections and distrust the political parties; in general they practice other forms of less visible and more informal participation. This article – based on the results of the SAHWA project – examines the attitudes of the Arab Mediterranean youth to participation and political engagement in the public sphere, as well as their perceptions of the opportunities and obstacles that influence their futures and those of their countries. To do this, the characteristic features of this generation are addressed along with the importance of the social differences and inequalities within it.

Keywords: southern and eastern Mediterranean, political participation, youth, socioeconomic inequalities, youth exclusion

DOI: doi.org/10.24241/rcai.2018.118.1.127

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