Migration relations between Cuba and the United States: incidence in Latin America

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Ana María Valido Alou, Investigadora, Centro de Investigaciones de Política Internacional (CIPI), La Habana (Cuba)

Migration is a key part of relations between Cuba and the United States. With the reestablishment of diplomatic ties on December 17th 2014, the two governments agreed that migration is one of the most important issues of common interest to advancing the process of normalising bilateral relations. The crisis of Cuban migrants in Latin American countries at the end of 2015 brought a new dimension to Cuban emigration by outgrowing the bilateral framework between Cuba and the United States and had extraterritorial effects that it never had before, at least not to the same degree. This article proposes
to present an analytical approach to those events.

Key words: Cuba, United States, relations, international migration, Cuban Adjustment Act, migration agreements

DOI: doi.org/10.24241/rcai.2017.117.3.197

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