Between China and Taiwan: the case of Nicaragua and the Grand Interoceanic Canal

Publication date:
Carmen Grau Vila

The award of the concession of Nicaragua’s Grand Interoceanic Canal by the Sandinista Government to the Chinese company HKND seems less a response to a change in foreign policy in favour of continental China (at the expense of Taiwan), and more a step towards the achievement of a national Nicaraguan dream in which the investment company is from China. Nicaraguan history (linked for centuries to numerous canal projects), the diplomatic influence of Taiwan based on development cooperation, and Daniel Ortega remaining in power lead us to determine that, in Nicaragua, in the short and medium term, the status quo between China and Taiwan will be unaffected by this project. Nevertheless, everything indicates that a geopolitical strategy is being implemented by China in the region and the award of the canal to a company from this country provokes controversy.

Key words: Interoceanic Canal, Nicaragua, Taiwan, China, international relations

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