Introduction: mobilisation and protest in the global and interconnected world

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Salvador Martí i Puig and Eduardo Silva

The text examines the importance that ordinary citizens, organised into activist networks, have gained in the area of interna­tional relations. To that end, the authors begin by analysing the characterisation of the new type of actors that have appeared in recent decades (transnational advocacy networks, Nimbys, Yimbys, «new-new» social move­ments, etc.), as well as the transformation of the State and transnational relations in the new global context. Secondly, the article high­lights the existing interaction between social mobilisations and the structures of domestic and international opportunities, and points to the way in which different combinations of these elements generate different patterns of activism; on this basis, finally, the authors examine and systematise the contributions of the works of this volume.



Key words: global citizenship, transnational activism, social movements, international relations


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