What’s next? New forms of city diplomacy and emerging global urban governance

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Anna Kosovac, Research Fellow, Connected Cities Lab, University of Melbourne and Daniel Pejic, Research Fellow, Connected Cities Lab, University of Melbourne

Everyday urban governance is taking on increasingly global dimensions, leading city governments to expand their alignment with international frameworks and engagement with global processes. While these activities are often driven or coordinated by dedicated international teams within city governments, the global dimensions of urban governance are expanding to include policy teams across local authorities and artners working outside government, such as academic institutions, businesses and philanthropies. This “glocalisation” may be producing new forms of global urban governance operating both within and outside the traditional multilateral system. Drawing on survey data from 47 cities from around the world and a case study on the city of Amsterdam, this chapter explores how new forms of city diplomacy interact with evolving conceptions of multistakeholderism and the impact this may have on the governance of global challenges.