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Mixed couples and their descendants in Spain: patterns of mixedness and theoretical considerations

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Dan Rodríguez-García; Verónica de Miguel and Luken and Miguel Solana-Solana

This paper describes the state of play for mixed unions between nationals and foreigners and for their descendants in Spain. Broadly termed “mixticidad”, this growing worldwide phenomenon, is beginning to be better known in this country. First, a mainly descriptive statistical overview is given of the main patterns and evolution (in terms of time, type and geographical distribution), both in relation to mixed unions and the births resulting from them. Second, the paper explores the deeper meanings of this reality using first-hand ethnographic information, which allows us to make some reflections on its meaning and social consequences in Spanish social inclusion and exclusion dynamics. Finally, some conclusions are offered along with the main findings.

Authors: Dan Rodríguez-García, Profesor agregado, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB); Verónica de Miguel Luken, Profesora titular, Universidad de Málaga (UMA) y Miguel Solana-Solana Profesor titular, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

How to cite this article: Rodríguez-García, Dan; de Miguel Luken, Verónica y Solana-Solana, Miguel. «Las uniones mixtas y sus descendientes en España: evolución y consideraciones sobre la mixticidad». AnuarioCIDOB de la Inmigración 2020 (enero de 2021), p. 168-195. DOI:

Keywords: Mixed unions, descendants of mixed unions, mixedness, social inclusion/exclusion, Spain

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