Anuario CIDOB de la inmigración

LGBTI refugees in Spain: seeking protection in times of migration control

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Ana López-Sala, científica titular, Instituto de Economía, Geografía and Demografía (IEGD), Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

A tension is notable in the regulation of asylum claims for reasons of sexual orientation and gender identity in Spain and across the whole EU. On the one hand, an increasingly inclusive framework of recognition is emerging from the trend towards improving the protection of LGBTIpeople subjected to discrimination and violence in large parts of the world and upholding their rights. On the other hand, there is a restrictionist drift in international protection systems. This paper analyses the processes of the so-called deterrent paradigm as obstacles to accessing territories and procedures. It goes on to look at the specific difficulties this type of refugee faces in accessing protection, in particular concerning the application of the principles of discretion and internal flight, information about countries of origin and credibility assessments.

How to cite this article: López-Sala, Ana. «Los refugiados LGTBI en España: buscar protección en tiempos de control migratorio». Anuario CIDOB de la Inmigración 2020 (enero de 2021), p. 198-219. DOI:

Keywords: Refugees, LGTBI, southern border, migration management, Spain

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