Anuario CIDOB de la inmigración

Attitudes to immigration and electoral behaviour in Europe

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Sergi Pardos-Prado, Catedrático de Política Comparada, Universidad de Glasgow

The ideological divisions around immigration are central to the governance problems facing many contemporary European democracies. This paper documents the powerful effect of social class, education and political geography on the electoral success of far-right parties. The research also highlights two significant findings: support for the far right is increasingly due to regional economic disparities within countries and to labour markets with little fluidity and labour demand. These trends lead to the proposal of specific political measures that minimise polarisation around the issue of immigration, such as: mechanisms of economic redistribution to sectors affected by globalisation, active employment policies, and enhanced regional powers to deactivate the connection many voters draw between local inequalities and feelings of opposition to globalisation.

Key Words: Europe, far right, immigration, attitudes, labour market, regions, globalisation

How to cite this article: Pardos-Prado, Sergi. «Actitudes ante la inmigración y comportamiento electoral en Europa». Anuario CIDOB de la Inmigración 2019 (noviembre de 2019), p. 52-65.


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