The privatisation of temporary migration programmes in spain as a post-crisis effect

Publication date:
Yoan Molinero Gerbeau, investigador contratado, Instituto de Economía, Geografía y Demografía (IEGD) del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

This paper addresses the consequences of the 2008 economic crisis for collective management of hiring at source (GECCO in its Spanish acronym) in the agricultural sector in the provinces of Huelva and Lleida, as well as for the migrant workers there. The research shows that in neither case did the freezing during the crisis of this labour importation procedure result in a fall in the hiring of foreign workers, as agriculture entrepreneurs reacted to the shutting down of GECCO by organising their own private programmes. By examining statistical sources and using 43 in-depth interviews with migrants from both regions this process is analysed along with the impact of the crisis situation on the migrants themselves.

Key Words: Spain, Lleida, Huelva, temporary migration, crisis, agriculture, temporary workers


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