Radical right parties and immigration policies in the EU

Publication date:
Tjitske Akkerman, investigadora, Departamento de Ciencias Políticas, Universidad de Ámsterdam

Radical right political parties have made significant electoral gains in both western and eastern Europe. These parties share a core ideology that may be characterised as xenophobic nationalism and promote anti-immigration discourse. This paper analyses the distinct profiles of radical right parties in western and eastern EU member states and argues that, despite their growth, their electoral power and impact on government should not be overstated: they have yet to secure large majorities and still have difficulties implementing their immigration policy agendas through executive power. However, a warning is given that these parties will have increasing influence on the agendas and immigration policies of the traditional parties.

Key Words:  European Union, radical right parties, extremist far-right parties, immigration, xenophobia

DOI: doi.org/10.24241/AnuarioCIDOBInmi.2018.48

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