Spanish migrant detention centres (CIE): A complex and controversial reality

Publication date:
Markus González Beilfuss, Profesor titular de Derecho Constitucional, Universidad de Barcelona

This paper seeks to contribute to the debate on migrant detention centres in Spain (CIEs in the Spanish acronym) and the detention of foreigners, providing upto-date information and data on a changing reality, which is increasingly complex, and which it is necessary to approach without prejudices. Beginning with the legitimacy of the positions that advocate the abolition of the CIEs or their reform, material for reflection is brought to a highly polarised debate in which the various stances seem irreconcilable. The paper argues for the reform of the CIEs and the various elements that make up the expulsion system in force in Spain, and analyses the main arguments put forward by those who support the immediate closure of the CIEs.

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Keywords: Spain; CIE; Detention of foreigners; Irregular immigration; Detention of immigrants; Expulsion