Spanish immigration and asylum policy and regulations: inaction or low profile?

Publication date:
José Antonio Montilla; Ignacio García and José Luis Rodríguez Candela

When examined, regulatory activity at national level during the period covered by this annual (January 2016 to June 2017) turns out to be very limited; there is hardly any regulatory initiative at all and the government has kept an even lower profile that in previous years, which were characterised by a focus on management with the refugee relocation programme at the centre, and the results of which evertheless proved to be disappointing. In this context, the activity of the courts has taken a degree of centrality, with significant rulings such as the endorsement of the exclusion of irregular non-nationals from healthcare, but also those condemning the use of forced expulsion without evaluating family reunification, among others.

Authors: José Antonio Montilla Martos, Catedrático de Derecho Constitucional, Universidad de Granada ; Ignacio García Vitoria,Profesor de Derecho Constitucional,Universidad Complutense de Madrid and José Luis Rodríguez Candela, Abogado, profesor de Derecho Penal, Universidad de Málaga.

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Keywords: Immigration; Asylum; Spanish regulation; Jurisprudence