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Joaquín Arango, Ramón Mahía, David Moya and Elena Sánchez-Montijano (eds.)

The Yearbook analyzes how immigration has come back to the center of political attention in recent elections in various European countries. Indeed, one more year the immigration is in the eye of the storm, either in Europe or outside Europe. And this is due to the tragedies and horrors in which live hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees, as well as the various attacks and expressions of rejection focused to migrants. As for the various expressions of rejection to immigration, those coming from populist parties and movements have been maintained or increased in 2017 in several European countries. The rise of populism takes place in a context in which the misnamed ‘refugee crisis’, which reached its peak in 2015, remains alive, together with the crisis generated in the EU, which was the subject of the previous edition of this Yearbook.

In addition, the yearbook keeps its attention to the situation of immigration in Spain: asylum applications, the impact of immigration on employment, as well as legislative developments, among other issues.

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